Expert Learners

Think about something you remember that you learned a long time ago…
Think about something you did in school that you really enjoyed…
Think about a piece of work you did where you got a top mark…
Think about something that you would happily give up your time for without being forced to do so…

Our guess is that things you have thought about will have at least some of these features:

  • other people saw the work you did – it was public
  • you could see the point of what you were doing – it was relevant
  • you produced something that mattered to you – it had a worthwhile outcome (artefact)
  • You became an expert who could share their learning with someone else – leading learning

In a world of shared knowledge, we learn by collaborating, by sharing what we know, by working in partnership with each other, by becoming a community of expert learners working together.

Welcome to the Harris East Dulwich Girls’ community of expert learners aiming to share high quality, relevant learning with each other and with you. We hope what you read interests you.

If you are a student, here is a library of high quality outcomes that you can use to increase your own knowledge and understanding; to challenge your own standards and to celebrate what you and your friends have achieved.

If you are a parent, we hope you appreciate this way of reviewing what your daughter has been doing – and we hope that you engage with your child over her learning experiences.

If you are a member of our local community and you want to commission students to undertake a project for you, please email and we’d be happy to refer your request on to the relevant students and staff to see if we can accommodate your request.

Jane Fletcher, Principal